First female professor at New College

Argentinian theologian Marcella Althaus Reid was appointed to the chair Contextual Theology at New College.

Marcella Maria Althaus-Reid was born in Rosario, Argentina in 1952. Raised Roman Catholic, Althaus-Reid was inspired by the Evangelical Methodist Church of Argentina, and later decided to follow her passion for liberation theology at the ISEDET ecumenical seminary in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Following her studies in Argentina she continued her work in the field of liberation theology in St. Andrews, Scotland. As a result of her passionate and innovative PhD in this area of study, Althaus-Reid was appointed as a member of staff at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland. She would go on to become the first female Professor within the 160-year life time of the School of Divinity. She was, at the time, the only female professor in a Scottish University.

The portrait by David Martin reflects her interests in Liberation, Feminist and Queer Theology.


Portrait of Marcella Althaus-Reid by David Martin